IVC Rack
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▣ Individually Ventilated Cages


BCR-I series Individually Ventilated Cages are suitable for the feeding of SPF rodents. Each cage provides independent air supply and ventilation, which can realize strict biological control of animal living space and effectively prevent cross-infection between different cages. The system can achieve positive and negative pressure control.
This product is widely used in Experimental Animal Centers, Drug Testing Centers, Centers for Disease Control and other
Quarantine Agencies. 



● IVC Host

- Energy saving

- Work stable

- Ventilation rate, pressure difference, temperature and humidity detection.

- Ammonia gas concentration detection.

- Day and night operation mode

- Uninterrupted power supply (UPS

- Alarm detection

- Test Report

● Cage frame

● Cage

- Material(PSU/PPSU)

- Size optimization

- Cage flexible seal

- Cage air intake and exhaust valve

- Life windows